Our Team

Find out more about the main members of the Voice ESEA team here! We have some more volunteers and hope to update this page when we can. For volunteering options, please visit our Volunteer page.

Marketing & Creative Team


My work focuses on developing the careers of East Asians in the media in order to achieve wider representation. By providing a platform for the next generation of media professionals, I aim to elevate East Asian representation.

Having worked for over ten years for several China’s major television news channels including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix TV and Propeller TV, Jun has covered almost every major story in Britain and around the world including the Royal Wedding, the Olympics, and the Eurozone Crisis. He has worked with and interviewed many leading figures in politics, arts and the entertainment industry. Jun is an accomplished tv producer and founded Resonate a publication which covers stories concerning East Asians diaspora. His main goal is to give young East Asian creatives an opportunity to showcase their talents to a global audience.


I joined Voice ESEA because I loved the approach of allyship and community to promote a safer space for all people, with a focus on escalating ESEA hate crimes.

Laura is an American born half Vietnamese marketing professional currently working in employee branding with a value led business ethos.


I wanted to take a stand against the escalating instances of COVID19-fueled racism against the ESEA community. Joining Voice ESEA allowed me to find my voice and feel a sense of community with other like-minded individuals. I was drawn to the group's focus on creating a new dialogue about discrimination, sharing knowledge and building allies across diverse groups of people.

Natalie is a mixed-media creative based between HK and UK. Her design practice is divided between commercial client collaborations and fine art work. Previous clients include brands such as Nike, Victoria's Secret, KFC and Monster Energy Drink. Natalie's work has appeared in international publications including HYPEBEAST, GQ and Esquire.


I felt that being silent was no longer an option

Nisa is a marketing manager with a creative background in fashion, media production and management. Transitioning from the not-so-glamourous-as-you-think world of fashion, commercials and music videos, she now works in-house at a financial institution on the strategy and implementation of various integrated marketing campaigns.


Strong community and a narrative driven by us - that’s what I wanted to drive with the very first petition when we started Voice ESEA. I’ve seen how much we can do when we come together - we just need to make that choice to reach out and speak up, as individuals firstly. It’s what I’ve been practicing and encouraging in our communities...and I’m so excited to see that change because it has to start from us.

Patricia is a proud Chinese-Canadian with a multicultural background. Having studied at the Schulich School of Business then WBS, she is a strategic business creative at heart and loved her 5 years in London launching start-up brands (Hippeas) and new products for larger corporations (Heinz).

Organisation & Formation Team

James JC

Being both an ethnic minority and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by ESEA individuals from a variety of backgrounds. My lived experience pushes me to do what I can to promote justice and equality for all.

James is an English and Canadian intellectual property lawyer, specializing in trademark and copyright law. He has represented brands, creative artists, and companies in Federal and Provincial Courts. He is very much looking forward to working with Voice ESEA to raise awareness and make a substantive change in society.


I hope that we can work towards a safer, more inclusive and kinder community where differences are celebrated and positive experiences shared.

Phoebe is a lawyer with several years experience in legal matters who has decided to return to university to pursue a masters. Her studies at Columbia University focuses on marginalised groups, with a specific focus on gender. She is also specialising in environmental studies. She is passionate about making the world more equitable for all.


As someone who has experienced living in Hong Kong as one of the majority, as well as living in the UK as one of a minority, I wanted to help raise awareness and join in the dialogue against racism and discrimination in order to build bridges with the different communities here.

Selina is a banking and finance lawyer who has worked in both the UK and Asia, advising a variety of corporate clients, funds and financial institutions on financings, acquisitions and restructurings. Selina has a keen interest in the creative arts and enjoys crafting and costuming, and also enjoys traveling to explore new places and cultures.

Research Team


My ESEA niece’s generation has got to experience the UK entirely differently to how my grandparents did in the 1960s!

At her core, Abbey is a proud third-generation HK-Chinese immigrant, born and raised in London. She uses her skills from her day job as a Data Scientist as Voice ESEA’s Data Team Lead, and is constantly excited about how much hope and positive change the organisation’s existence and hard work brings to the next generation of ESEA in the UK. Her grandparents are also very proud of us for using our education and voices to finally speak up for the ‘silenced minority’.


I joined Voice ESEA because I was heartbroken by all the anti-Asian racism and hate crimes amplified by Covid-19. It made me realise that I had been running away from this issue all my life, repressing the racist slurs I’ve heard growing up. Voice ESEA perfectly aligned with my belief of driving change through education and giving East and Southeast Asians a voice so, of course, I had to join Voice ESEA!

Left the world of corporate law to pursue her passion in languages and culture. Currently: Co-founder of Interpreter: Ready, podcast host (@ChineseColloquialised on Instagram), consultant, translator, and interpreter. Believer of change through education and a strong advocate of equality for all and mental health.


I wanted to help in any way I could in response to the rising tide of Anti-East and Southeast Asian hate throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

Laurence is a volunteer at Voice ESEA as part of the Research Team. His background is in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, having completed BA (hons) degree in Archaeology at UCL and a further MSc in Urbanisation and Development at LSE. Currently, Laurence is pursuing a PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL which is focusing upon the role of volunteers in the de-colonisation of cultural institutions.


I joined Voice ESEA because I always feel the continual gravitation towards different identities. Voice ESEA is a platform where this kind of 'in-betweenness' feels empowering

Rae is an anthropology grad who is interested in writing about identity and equality.


I joined VOICEESEA because its mission resonates with my dream of a discrimination-free world and I was very inspired by Yinsey's passion for advocating this issue!

Sisi is the Program Fellow of the Labor & Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, working on research relating to climate change and the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work.

Implementation Team


I feel that when there is a chance to help make a difference in society, we should take the opportunity and make it happen.

Sandii is an in-house paralegal with a background in arts and fashion. A skilled painter and having worked in luxury retail, Sandii advises on complex legal matters and projects. Sandii enjoys travelling, collecting plants, baking and creating pottery in her free time.


I wanted a chance to be heard. I wanted a chance for others to be heard too.

Yinsey is an in-house lawyer and part-time hobbyist creative. She enjoys crafting, loves history and mythology and has a passion for travelling (particularly exploring the less-ventured paths!). She is also co-founder of the Instagram account @EnchantedAsianDay (alongside Bella Kotak and Lillian Liu) which celebrates Asian creators in the fairytale and fantasy space.