We launched a UK Government Petitions Committee petition online and secured over 22,000 signatures from British citizens and/or UK residents. After reaching the threshold of 10,000 signatures, we received a response from the UK Government (which can be accessed via the petition link). We felt the response did not go far enough and we have since published our thoughts on the matter.

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There are already laws in place to prevent discrimination against race. However, we are asking the Government not only to condemn the recent racist attacks against ESEA but in addition, provide the support needed for impact communities and the charities and initiatives that will stop racism. It is only one of the limbs of our broader ambitions to tackle racism. The Government must protect our local communities, including ESEA. As concerned members of society and allies, we stand together and ask the Government to not just condemn recent racist attacks, but provide support funds for impacted individual and business victims and organisations tackling COVID19-fuelled racism.

Given the amount of time many ESEAs have been living in fear and after seeing the rise in attacks and calls for change in the community, we believe the time is ripe (if not overdue) to reflect and call upon our leaders to take action.