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Media highlights

We are proud to have work that's been featured by various media outlets including iTV, Resonate Voices, China Daily and Varsity.

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Resonate Voices

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China Daily

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Police data project (featured on iTV)

Voice ESEA’s Data Team worked with volunteers in identifying and distilling useful information to assist Voice ESEA with its aims of raising awareness and understanding the scope of anti-ESEA discrimination in the UK.

Voice ESEA issued Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests to 48 police bodies across the UK to determine the rates of police-reported hate crimes against ESEAs in 2019 and 2020 in different regions.

Our petition

We launched a petition to the UK Government and Parliament. We gathered over 22,000 signatures and obtained a Government response.

The petition aimed to raise awareness of the rise in hate crimes against ESEAs, as well as push the Government in considering resourcing for victim support and non-profit groups campaigning against racism.

Key events

Engaging, fun and educational. These are some of the events we're most proud of.


"Asiapacforce UK had the pleasure of Voice ESEA joining us for an internal staff Lunch & Learn to raise the awareness of the hate crimes and anti-racism the ESEA community have been victims of. The stats collected by Voice ESEA was shocking, and the photos of physical attacks on individuals were heart-wrenching, more action is needed to stop end hate crime. Initiatives and groups such as Voice ESEA proactively taking a stand and supporting everyone is the start to stopping hate crime, and we will continue to support the ESEA community."

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