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Asiapacforce UK had the pleasure of Voice ESEA joining us for an internal staff Lunch & Learn to raise the awareness of the hate crimes and anti-racism the ESEA community have been victims of. The stats collected by Voice ESEA was shocking, and the photos of physical attacks on individuals were heart-wrenching, more action is needed to stop end hate crime. Initiatives and groups such as Voice ESEA proactively taking a stand and supporting everyone is the start to stopping hate crime, and we will continue to support the ESEA community
Yinsey and Abbey of Voice ESEA, both amazing, strong and determined females joined Asiapacforce UK for a staff Lunch & Learn to share the impact the ESEA community faced from hate crimes and anti-racism. Many powerful statistics, images and resources shared to show just how many issues the community is facing. They also shared 30+ ways of supporting the ESEA community which was key for Asiapacforce UK, for staff to get more involved and think about how they can help more. A great presentation, the passion you could see from the start, and being honest in sharing personal experiences. I thank both Yinsey and Abbey for joining us.